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Reducing Risk Quickly in a Cost-Effective Manner

The Stygian Vortex Team delivers a variety of next generation solutions and services without having to increase head count and the additional management challenges.

Use BlackFog’s Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) product

Utilize a super lightweight agent that updates automatically

Immediately lowers your risk by stopping the attacker from being able to see its malware

Prevent the attacker from getting your data

Gain attack visibility on the affected endpoints

Operational Cost Has Three Components

Solution Cost

Operational Cost

Maintenance Cost

The benefit of the BlackFog solution is the reduction of operational costs through having it maintained on its SaaS platform while responding to attacks automatically. This gives an organization minimized operational and maintenance costs for a cutting-edge cyber security product. Its ease of use allows security administrators to quickly gain insight into threats on their network that other security tools may be missing. This is the benefit of using a lightweight, next generation product like BlackFog.