Enterprise Solution Architecture

Stygian Vortex works with industry specific solutions that provide risk reduction that is balanced with your budget. The “use cases” of your organization are reviewed in a short-term snapshot and projected into a long-term operationalization for your team to function and utilize effective tools.

We offer experience designing cyber security solutions, or “use case” solutions, that use next generation products and advanced data security features. Some of the specific “use cases” are as follows:

  • Operational Technology (OT/ICS) has a “use case” for BlackFog Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX).
  • Secure your Wireless environment with industry standard RADIUS and 802.1X.
  • Using a cloud-based Identity Management solution to facilitate protection for users outside of your network.
  • Enable a path for your vendors and contractors to access your Operational Technology (OT/ICS) environment at a greatly reduced risk using a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) product.
  • Upgrade your organization’s cyber security by using a suite of communication and storage options that are fully encrypted end-to-end.

We are focusing on small and medium businesses with a variety of solutions to reduce risk at a cost that works. Experience with customers in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Asset Management